Fixed-Cost Translation,
Simplifying the Translation Process

What if the Process Were Simpler?

Right now, many translation and localization users face a complicated and lengthy process for translation projects:

Fixed Cost Lifecycle

Save TimeAssuming you have multiple projects per month or more, this could amount to hundreds of hours spent annually.

Save Money and Impress Your Boss:
Quote Your Whole Year Based on Previous Spend

You know how much you spent last year on translation – or someone in accounting does. They may also know what the other divisions, departments, subsidiaries, or affiliates spent too.

If you quote your whole year, CyraCom may turn that quote into significant savings in terms of both cost and time.

  • Cost – quoting the whole year may reveal pricing tiers unavailable at your previous volume.
  • Time – knowing you possess heavily negotiated rates, you can skip most of the steps in all your translation projects – just send the project and get it back at the end.

Save Money

Human Memory

Add Human Memory to Your Translation Memory, Securely

Imagine assigning a new hire still unfamiliar with your organization to create the English versions of your latest website, brochure, or other piece of content. Picture doing so every time that document received an update.

Newcomer Handling

Improve the Speed and Quality of your Translations

With sufficient volume, you may qualify for dedicated resources that may positively impact the speed and quality of your projects. CyraCom maintains a secure, scalable translation center in the United States and has a proven track-record of developing large-scale interpretation centers.


Reporting, Analytics, and Billing Help

When you want to know how many projects you had, by what language, and how much you spent, we can help you see that data. We’ll also help bill back each department for their respective projects, even while the whole organization benefits from consolidated volume pricing.

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